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SewEzi Accessories

There are a range of handy SewEzi accessories to make your sewing experience even more enjoyable!

Accessory tray

This handy accessory tray is a great add on, it is a great place to put scissors, spare bobbins and all those other small items which you need close at hand when sewing. It hinges on the back hanger rod and when the machine is removed from the table, the tray swings in and latches securely out of the way for transport and storage. Please specify when ordering whether the tray is for the Portable or Grande.

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Thread Stand


The SewEzi thread stand is a very robust stand which takes two spools of thread. It clips on to the edge of any SewEzi table or any other table up to 7/8” thick. This holds it firmly in place so that it cannot be knocked off or vibrate off the edge while sewing.

It comes with two cone holders and two large and two small thread spreaders. This allows the stand to hold virtually any shape or size cone or reel. The stand has its own drawstring bag so that the extra pieces are not lost and it is so robust that there is no risk of it getting bent or broken during transport or storage.

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Quick Change Kit

The SewEzi quick change set is a clever system to cope with the variation in heights between different sewing machines. Each quick change set consist of 16 (4 x 4) 1/8 “ plastic shims. These shims click together like Lego blocks to make stacks of different heights depending on the difference in height between your machines. Your SewEzi agent will be able to tell you how many sets you need.

The base shim of each set has a pin sticking out which goes in one of the holes in the platform that the sewing machine sits on. This stops the quick change sets from sliding around. Place one stack under each foot of the sewing machine. You will know if you have the right number of shims when the free arm is level with the insert.

There is a pocket in the SewEzi Portable cover to store the quick change sets.

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Lightbox Insert


This is a clear acrylic insert which is used to turn you SewEzi sewing table into a lightbox. Simply place a light source such as a folding craft light on the tray which normally holds the sewing machine. Place the light box insert in the table and you are set. Light source not included.

Please specify when ordering additional inserts whether it is for the SewEzi Portable or Grande sewing table, as they are different sizes.

Portable Dimensions: 11″ x 12.5″

Grande Dimensions: 11″ x 17.75″

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SewEzi Table Inserts

You can use additional machines in your SewEzi Portable or Grande sewing table by purchasing extra sewing machine inserts for each different sewing machine. Each insert is cut to the shape of the free arm of the sewing machine and places the machine in the correct position for sewing. The 4 digit number on the insert is a SewEzi code and does not directly relate to the model number on your machine.


Additional Acrylic Machine Insert

Usually there is a height difference between sewing machines, and you may require a SewEzi Quick Change to adjust your sewing machine height.

Please specify when ordering additional inserts whether it is for the SewEzi Portable or Grande sewing table, as they are different sizes.

PLEASE TAKE CARE when handling the acrylic sewing machine inserts, as they may break if they are dropped.

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Solid Wooden Insert


The wooden insert is made from the same MDF material as the top and coated with two pot kitchen grade paint. It is designed to fill in the cut out to make a flat top table which can be used to hold the machine for free arm sewing or using your sewing machine with the embroidery unit attached. It is also useful for cutting out and ironing with a protective ironing cover.

Please specify when ordering additional inserts whether it is for the SewEzi Portable or Grande sewing table, as they are different sizes.

Portable Dimensions: 11″ x 18.5″

Grande Dimensions: 11″ x 24.5″

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Height Adjusters

These add 22mm (7/8″) to each leg for people who are very tall or have difficulty with the normal operating height.

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Table Brace


When the first SewEzi was designed over 10 years ago, sewing machines were much smaller and lighter than many of the new machines which are being manufactured today.  Some of the large machines that fit in the SewEzi Portable are also very heavy, so as a safety measure to increase strength and stability we have developed the table brace which hooks on to the cross bars of the two leg sets. With the brace on, these extra heavy machines can be used with confidence.

The table brace only fits the SewEzi Portable. SewEzi recommends the table brace for sewing machines over 29lbs. When purchasing a Portable Table for the Bernina 7 Series it is a compulsory requirement.

The brace is also useful in high traffic areas like classrooms and shops where there is a higher risk of the table being knocked or bumped.

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